If you believe it's real, let's make it to courtroom 4 standing room only. Too many parents and children suffer and obviously the courts do not support, but difficult to prove. What the patent often does is file a tpo. If you'd like to help make a difference and gain media attention so more courts can recognize when this is happening show up at 2900 university parkway at 8:30 and watch a slam dunk. This was done behind my back, as I live in another state. To his surprise I will be showing up for the show cause hearing with a folder full of evidence he committed fraud, slander and perjury. Either come watch the show for entertainment purposes, or learn more about it so you can fight for yourself or a loved one. The only victims are the children, so show up for their sake. It will be obvious when you walk in who you are supporting, it IS that obvious and will also help with the 20+ contempt hearing that I am just waiting on court date. Don't think it just happens to be men. You will learn at court how it can happen to women too. Make it your social obligation to make tougher and fair laws for the children. The more supporters, the more impact.