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#770045 - 06/14/15 08:13 PM house and who gets
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I am going to file for divorce in florida-we moved here 6 years ago-we outright bought our house here with money from the sale of our home in NY which was my premarital property. its the only asset we have besides a car. He has not worked one days since we moved to florida and in fact was awarded social security disability last year. I have worked since we moved here and now find that we both dont see our marriage the same way anymore and I cant live with his interpretation of how things should be- suffice it to say- no cheating or anything- just constant arguing which has contributed to my developing an ulcer now. I dont want to sell the house but I cant afford to buy him out and I am sure he would try to block the option of buying him out anyway. I am the only one on the deed and we still owe my mother more than 70K for money we borrowed while in NY. He just claimed bankruptcy to get almost 150K in unpaid taxes wiped clean as well.
Can anyone tell me how the house issue could play out? he refuses to leave and does not want a divorce but continues to mentally abuse me. I am thinking of moving out which is supposedly ok in florida to do without reliquishing my rights to the house- I cant exist in this enviornment and stay somewhat healthy so to do that it appears I have to go.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. No kids involved thank god.

#770046 - 06/15/15 12:50 PM Re: house and who gets [Re: floridanurse]
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The courts will order the house sold if neither of you wants or can afford it.

You need a good attorney. He can possibly get alimony, especially since he is now disabled. The court may also order you to pay his attorney bills since he is disabled. Good luck.


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