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#770155 - 06/26/15 02:17 PM Her Car Loan is in my Name
twicearon Offline

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I am the primary on her car loan. Because she doesnt always pay on time or each month my credit is suffering how can I remove my name from the loan.

#770156 - 06/27/15 04:29 AM Re: Her Car Loan is in my Name [Re: twicearon]
MinnesotaMom Online   content

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You can't. The lender isn't a party to divorce and will do whatever they can to make sure they get paid.

Is she court ordered to pay?

#770157 - 06/30/15 03:10 PM Re: Her Car Loan is in my Name [Re: MinnesotaMom]
twicearon Offline

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No no court order. She has been making payments (not on time) but I dont want a car I dont have on my credit history

Shes been gone for about 5 months and I sent a text a few days ago saying she needs to trade it in or refinance w/o me but no response

#770158 - 06/30/15 04:37 PM Re: Her Car Loan is in my Name [Re: twicearon]
oldsmom Offline


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Was she awarded the car in the divorce? Usually this kind of thing is somehow listed in the judgment.

#770159 - 09/25/15 09:04 PM Re: Her Car Loan is in my Name [Re: twicearon]
NancyD Offline

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I had the opposite situation. The only way his name could be removed was if he qualified for the loan under his own credit rating. Then, with his agreement, it could have been transferred. But his credit was abysmal (which was the major reason it was in my name to begin with). So it never got transferred.

So two major obstacles have to be surmounted: 1) her credit rating has to high enough to support a loan, and 2) she has to agree to the transferral.

Basically, you sell the car to her for the value of the outstanding loan, then pay it off. She then carries the loan under her own name.

#770160 - 09/28/15 06:36 PM Re: Her Car Loan is in my Name [Re: NancyD]
TJMH Offline


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Even if the wife was awarded the car (and presumably the loan debt) in the divorce settlement, that doesn't have anything to do with the lender. The ex is responsible to the husband for the loan under the settlement, the husband is still responsible to the lender under the original terms of the loan.

#772829 - 12/16/16 10:37 AM Re: Her Car Loan is in my Name [Re: TJMH]
23yrsOhell Offline
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Dang it. I don't know how to post, but this is a little similar. I gave my ex the house with agreement he pays off the creditors he created that ruined my credit. He couldn't by a bicycle tire on credit when I met him. Now, he's trying to get me off the title to the house that I have refused to sign off on because he hasn't done his part. We had 30days to complete all requirements, but I don't feel right doing my part when their is really nothing I can do about his. I'm the one that can't buy the tire.


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