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#770211 - 07/06/15 05:29 PM Parenting Time
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My sister has recently gotten divorced to which her ex's exiting plan has been to move in directly with his affair partner. They have 2 minor children with joint legal but my sister has sole physical custody of their children, and they have their custody share times.

More often than not when it is his day to pick up the children, he is unavailable and thinks is acceptable for his girlfriend to participate on his behalf for parenting time, where as my sister thinks that the child's actual parent should be present during "parenting" time.

With a new custody hearing coming up I was curious if either of them are correct so that my sister can bring up or let drop certain arguments for the hearing.

#770212 - 07/07/15 04:54 PM Re: Parenting Time [Re: mazzie]
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If the support order does not specify that the parent be the only person to pick up the children, he has the right to send someone in his stead.

Also, unless the order has a "First Right of Refusal" he can legally leave the kids with anyone he deems responsible during his parenting time.

You may want to ask your sister if the shoe were on the other foot. Yes, the whole new girlfriend thing sucks, but looking past that. Someday she will want to date someone, and if that person is important to her, she will include them in the lives of her kids. Anything she demands of him, will be also expected of her.

If I were her, I would ignore the absurdity of the situation unless the kids are in some sort of danger. Stuff like this in court can sometimes look petty.


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