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#770434 - 08/01/15 07:40 AM Learn to fix and save your marriage
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Well I'm so happy that I got back my man and saved our 15 years old marriage after few years of separation. Really feel so sorry for those marriages that is failed however, I know how it hurts to raise those kids alone in every aspect and stuffs. I just wanna say to every married person out here to always try to fix and save their marriage no matter what, divorce wasn't part of Gods plan when it comes to marriage, neither ours, remember the vows you made right there on the alter they weren't just words they were real vows, you and I know it all I all I don't have to start quoting them here. Yes I know men could be so frustrating and likewise woman but you just have to endure and try and make it work divorce is never a good option especially when kids are involved. Unless you've always have dream of being a single mother or father... I so Loved my husband even when we were on separation and knowing fully well he was with another woman some where else, I kept praying and doing things I was meant to do and years after he eventually came back to me and ever since we been happily married. I just wanna make a spouse out there understand there is no perfect marriage or relationship, we humans we sure gon always make mistakes along the line, so its up to partners to over look, correct, understand, forgive and always learn to "apologize" when you have to, it helps.

#770435 - 12/09/15 04:59 PM Re: Learn to fix and save your marriage [Re: selenamay123]
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I'm happy you guys reconciled. Unfortunately, since I caught her having an online affair this summer, I tried & tried my best...pulled out all the stops. Tried marriage counseling (she shot it down completely), a couples church retreat, a church retreat for her, dating, rewinning her love (I was always a romantic man). To no avail. She is in "love" with this new guy, I have NO doubt.

I can't control her, just like we cannot control our spouses...unfortuntely, we are in the midst of settling on a mediator and the divorce is proceeding....with 2 kids of 14 & 11 right in the middle. I pray & longer for our reconcilement, but for what the almighty thinks is best for both of us. I have no other options as I tried everything. I'd like to think that God will look favorably at me for TRYING as hard as I did...she simply is "done".

2016 is a scary year for me...and I know I'll cry the moment the divorce is finalized as there is still some kind of hope within me (I wish there wasn't)...but its God's will. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />


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