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#770493 - 08/17/15 08:31 PM Best way to get more parenting time?
Jim_Smythe Offline

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I am in Illinois and currently get every Tuesday, every other Thursday, and every other weekend (plus alternating holidays) with my child.

I want to see about making Thursdays EVERY week (not every other week).

I know this is more than some Dads get--I don't care.

I have joint legal and joint physical custody of my child.

What are some good reasons to present to a judge for the additional time? The real reasons are I want more time with my's quite simple, really. But I have a feeling the judge won't go for just that.

My ex refuses to even discuss it with me, and now we are heading to court-mandated mediation before we go to court...

Any advice?


#770494 - 08/20/15 12:49 AM Re: Best way to get more parenting time? [Re: Jim_Smythe]
MinnesotaMom Offline

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There has to be a significant change of circumstances which you don't have. You won't win in court.

The time to negotiate is when you divorce. You need to get what you want then. Good luck.

#770495 - 08/20/15 06:31 PM Re: Best way to get more parenting time? [Re: MinnesotaMom]
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I am wondering if the "change" in circumstance could be that more states are accepting shared parenting time.
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#770496 - 08/21/15 05:45 AM Re: Best way to get more parenting time? [Re: gr8Dad]
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Can you make a good argument for why you agreed to the current custody arrangement, why you feel differently now, and (probably most important) why more time with dad would be in the best interest of the child?

#770497 - 08/23/15 04:46 AM Re: Best way to get more parenting time? [Re: Jim_Smythe]
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How old is your son? Does he go to public school? Can you get him to & from school as easily as his mom? How long has the current arrangement been in place? How active are you in his life now?
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