I have 4 kids, 2 of whom primarily live with me, and 2 of whom do not. I need advise/help one that does not live with me, the one that is a New Jersey resident. I had been successful getting catch up parenting time restored. We put off child support when the order was filed, it was to filled out by the attorneys later. I am short of paying off my balance with the attorney and I have no help with this now. Realistically I if I catch up the attorney I will not be able to make good on the support.

Opposing council's demand I think it is wrong. The worksheet they sent me at assumed that I would get disability payments for the two children with me (I don't) and counted that as income (I don't think it would count as income either way). The other dependent deduction worksheet had the two kids that primary live with me, with my girlfriend's (not the parent of any of them) income entered as minimum wage, with a threat that if I did not sign and return it they would subpoena her to get her actual income. Also they had an issue with the child support I receive from for one of the children, saying it should based on a higher income... however I do not see anywhere actual child support from others is even considered in New Jersey. I thought the entire point of of the individual dependent deduction worksheets was that the actual child support you receive is not relevant, it is only based on what New Jersey views your obligation as.

I have not been able to find any examples of filled out other dependent deduction worksheets for New Jersey. From reading I was expecting in my case there should 3 different ones filled out, one for each of the other 3 kids that computes my expected obligation to them. Those forms would have the actual incomes of the parents (no non-party girlfriend/boyfriend) only. Those amounts would offset some of the child child support. In my state they are all listed on one form, and it very simple by comparison. Examples or advise please? Thanks