I have cohabitated with my spouse for 25 years. I have major health issues which are getting worse yearly. Ocean county court lost my divorce papers so I was not granted a divorce from my previous husband for 9 years so we couldn't marry. As soon as I got my divorce, we got married and we have been married for 15 years. Now my spouse wants to give me 13 years of spousal support, at 1/3 what he earns. Take all the tax credits. not pay any medical. My 'scrips alone would be $3200 a month. He wants to give me $6000 a month, then take out mortgage payment of $2900 on a house that he forged my signature to remortgage multiple times. There should be a payoff of $145,000 on house now it is $325,000 and house is worth $280,000. because he never repaired anything. It should be worth $450,000 to 500,00.
My lawyers tell me the court could care less, what my medical needs are and I should take it and run. Based on our former lifestyle, I would end up in a poverty situation while he rakes in the dough and has all the tax benefits, including house right off. Am I being unreasonable, when I say this is not equitable in the least? My attorneys just want their money, and I feel they could care less about my circumstances or health issues, The disparity of ability to earn, I am 100% disabled, he has a college degree and I had to quit school in 11th grade to support my siblings, he makes well over $250,000 a year and since he filed for divorce claims his income has gone down, but the history of the company earnings has increased 35% annually for last 12 years along with his earnings. I think I am getting a raw deal, but because my spouse has controlled all our assets, I am at his mercy and the courts for legal fees. Feel like the lawyers just want out. How can I change lawyers with no money? Today one of the partners screamed at me, with absolutely no regard to my health issues and told me, told me t take it or leave it, I was to take the settlement because I wouldn't get better. The thefts $150,000 documented from the homes equity, the insurance claims money he pocketed instead of fixing home, every IRS refund he put into a single entity account, my social security disability money he took every month is just supposed to be forgotten because the lawyers said the courts could care less and don't want to hear about it. Is this true. Seems absolutely unbelieveable.
My spouse won't even sit in a mediation with me, has lawyers running back and forth, won't discuss anything with me, even telling me why he ghosted out without an explanation after 25 plus years leaving me dressed for dinner on the porch waiting for him. I just want to know if this is how the courts system works with the new law? Doesn't seem fair and definitely not equitable in the least. Any ideas, suggestions, knowledge of law regarding attorneys, not doing you justice etc, would be greatly appreciated. He wants to give me no life insurance incase he passes, no car he has leased me a new Mercedes for 25 years and I am supposed to accept this. Thank you for any input. :confused: [color:red] [/color]