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#770660 - 09/20/15 05:16 AM Going after settlement?
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Just curious if I'm able to do anything about my wife's settlement money. She got it before the marriage and gets monthly checks. We used that money to rent for a bigger place than needed instead of saving throughout our 2 years of marriage, a year ago she took out a huge portion early cause we ran into trouble again. Now that i'm on my own. I don't have that much money and have to live paycheck to paycheck. She did help me during my first year living together before the marriage until i found a legit job. Then I was the consistent paycheck so she could go to school while she had a part-time and got her settlement check.

Now she's already living with either her new bf, friend or dad. Where she obviously can save a lot of money. I'm stuck in a state where I don't have the family around for 2.5k miles and I need my job so i need to stay. Is it worth getting a lawyer? If more info is needed to pursue this. Please let me know. Thanks

#770661 - 09/21/15 10:46 PM Re: Going after settlement? [Re: MichaelThomas13]
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I wouldn't bother. If she had it before you married, and it's a monthly payment, it would normally be shielded from you.

#770662 - 09/22/15 02:40 PM Re: Going after settlement? [Re: oldsmom]
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I agree. You'll be much better off focusing on your own future.

Spend the time and effort on finding a better employment situation, it'll be cheaper than a lawyer and you'll feel better about it.


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