the basics. I'm a 100% disabled veteran. $5700 in disability and family bills come to $5500

Wife left with 4 children on June 26 and didn't contact me until July 4th. she filed for separation on July 21. she hasn't accessed our shared bank account since July 25th. On Aug 5th I retained what I was told was the best law [censored] for fathers. On Aug 30, wife threatened to put a restraining order on me due to me having PTSD and would only drop it if I gave her the house. reluctantly and with my lawyers advise i gave her the house. a week later my wife gets a job but still wont agree to pay any bills. Sep 15th, after two weeks of living in my car my lawyer calls me and tells me that my account is past due and they have to withdraw. the next day I get a call from the courts that my ISC is set for Oct 9th. To this day my wife has not allowed me to see my kids.

I want access to my children. I want at least some money to live off of