Hey All,
I was wondering if Alimony would be considered after the divorce was final??(absolute) lets say few months down the road the Judge did not rule on it. He ask my Brother if he was still paying the Mortgage and he acknowledged he was. This is prob why IMO the Judge didn't rule. their still living together..due to he has nowhere to go...she has a daughter in town, he makes roughly 2000 a mo. by the time he pays Mtg 1200.00+ beat up car 350.00a mo. insurance and food.Gas he has nothing left. credit cards
Her--she gets a SS ck, and money from her job due to she had a disability and is now collecting from her job. She is threatening to ask 600.00 alimony after the house is paid off which should be in few mo's can she go back and get this even tho it was requested in the filing. Also I would prob assume she would get half his retirement 4000.00 that's all he has in it.