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#770792 - 10/06/15 03:36 AM Wife sole owner
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During our marriage, we bought a house, but because my husband was in collection, I am the sole owner of the house. Since I bought the house 4 years ago, I am the only one that pay the loan. A year ago he stopped paying the house's bills and I took over. We do not have kids together. If we divorce, he has rights over the house? Thank you!

#770793 - 11/27/15 09:21 PM Re: Wife sole owner [Re: Mickytlrom]
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I am not sure, but I want to say that if you can prove you are the sole owner of the house and have been the sole person paying on the house, that he will not be able to get the house, you also have circumstances that would be looked at in determination (him not paying bills)

#770794 - 12/01/15 06:15 PM Re: Wife sole owner [Re: Bajih]
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Since the house was acquired during the marriage it probably counts as marital property and subject to distribution in a divorce. The fact that the deed and/or mortgage are in your name only isn't relevant.

Under equitable distribution the judge will decide what is fair. That may consider the fact that you made most of the payments in the house, but your husband's financial needs and ability (or inability) to work and earn income to support himself may also enter into the picture. So he may very well get some portion of the value of the house.


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