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#770823 - 10/14/15 03:37 AM Jurisdiction while overseas
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I am getting a divorce and currently stationed in Japan. My soon to be ex will be leaving around May of 16 and our kids will remain with me until she gets a home and steady employment. We were stationed in Arizona prior to this and she will return there. Will we have to wait until the children have been back in Arizona for six months to file so the state has jurisdiction for custody or can we file prior to that since that is her state of residence and we were overseas on military orders? My home of record is Texas and I was advised not to file there because my children were not born nor ever lived there and Texas will not have jurisdiction over child custody. I don't want to drag this out or file in multiple states.

#770824 - 10/15/15 10:31 AM Re: Jurisdiction while overseas [Re: TXUSMC]
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You need to check the laws of the states, they vary. They have their requirements and there are usually exception when dealing with the military. Best way to is talk to a lawyer, and ask those questions. Many have free consults.

#770825 - 10/28/15 09:20 PM Re: Jurisdiction while overseas [Re: Redlegg]
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If your wife maintained an Arizona driver's license, voter registration, etc. while stationed overseas with you it's likely that she retained her status as a resident of Arizona and can file right away.


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