I have been married for 11 yrs and we have 10 yrs old child. I decided to divorce. Since July I moved out with my child to a new house I bought last year. Since we moved to US (2008) and became US citizens I was the one making most of the money. My soon to be ex makes pretty much minimal wage. He never cared to find better paid jobs since I made enough money. Always requested expensive presents and etc. He got his bachelor degree and made almost 80$K student loan debt. But after he got degree, he decided he doesn't want to work in the field he studied and kept on working in the same job. Last year in October I bought a house with 30yrs mortgage. It is in my name only. I also paid everything (like remodelling, down payment and all utilities) from my separate account. Now, after I left him, he said he will make me lose everything. He said he will force me to sell the house and give him 50%. Saying if he has to start from 0 I have to as well. All our marriage, I was the one making most of the money, working hard. Even while pregnant, I had to work and finishing my university degree while he was just staying home. He is threatening me he will make me pay his debt and even to support him financially monthly as spouse with low income, if I do not agree to sell the house right now and give him half. I told him that the half won't be much because I just started to pay the mortgage back, yet he insists, wants his revenge. He keeps on texting, calling, coming to my house anytime he wants (he stole the key from me, saying, it is his house too). Of course he thinks I have affair and keeps checking on me and asking our daughter. And after all these threats, he still keeps insisting to get back together.
How are my chances to keep the house? :confused: (He is currently staying with his parents and we do not own other property.)
As far as child custody. He wants joined custody and wants me to pay alimony while my daughter stays with him. She does not want to be with him, does not even want to visit him.