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#771084 - 11/30/15 06:36 PM Domestic abuse and Colroado family courts BEWARE
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If you are seeking divorce and protection for yourself and your children please be cautious if using Colorado courts. Know the current Colorado statutes regarding parenting time, and domestic abuse. Realize that many for hire court appointees and those working within the family court arena will describe domestic abuse as "high conflict". The victim can be found to be the "cause" of the abuse and/or described by the for hire court appointee as having a mental disorder.
Avoid using any for hire court appointee that is serving in a role that does not hold them accountable to their state licensure or "standards of practice" such a reunification therapist, parent coordinator or decision-maker. These sound good but in reality when there is no accountability the work by some of these individuals goes to the highest bidder and the courts rubber stamp their recommendations.

#771085 - 02/24/16 12:47 AM Re: Domestic abuse and Colroado family courts BEWARE [Re: jenniemac]
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What you write is true, but it's even worse. Many of these CFI's, PRE's, etc. can be stopped. It takes people like you telling the truth about what is going on. I am planning on doing video's for a web-site helping to navigate all these different authorities that can stop them. It's time to stand and not let them continue to take our children from loving parents.


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