I'm currently going through divorce and my ex wife is trying to dictate what pension plan I will have to choose upon retirement. I'm really hoping someone can give me some knowledge on this.

A quick breakdown.

We were married for 13 years until I was served. 12 of which where I was employed by NYS. I still have 18 years to work. My ex who is already engaged, is telling me along with her attorney that I must choose the special joint option and name her as sole beneficiary. So as long as I am alive she will collect what I figure is $8,000 year (majestik) formula. And I would collect the remainder of my pension what I figure may be around $44,000. This is where I'm confused. When I die she would get which of these ($8,000) year, ($44,000) year or ($52,000) year until her death. ???

My next question is can she actually make me choose her as sole beneficiary? I mean if I were to remarry my wife at retirement would have been with me longer than my ex and for more years while employed for the state and she would not get anything?

And my last question, is if I were to choose the special joint allowance option and name my new wife as sole beneficiary, it is my understanding that I would collect my $44,000 year, my ex would get her $8,000 year while I am alive. If I were to die, my new wife would then collect my pension until her death. What I'd like to know is would my ex wife still collect her $8,000 while my new wife collected my retirement or would all pension payments to my ex wife end when I die and only one to collect would be my new wife?

I'm sorry for so many question, I have spent so much on lawyer and I haven't gotten the answers I need and I cannot afford to keep asking these questions as $300 a pop.

I thank anyone who can help or guide me in any way.