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#771169 - 12/10/15 05:14 PM Paying Alimony,How do I find out if she remarried
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I've been paying support for 10 years now. I know my ex is living with her boyfriend, which makes no difference in Cal. However, I was told she has either re-married or is planning to soon. How do I get proof? What is the best method? A P.I. told me they would need Thousands to do the research, and that they cant access marriage records themselves. She is VERY tight on Social Media so I dont expect to find anything out there. Family will not be any help. She has violated every court order, but the court does nothing. The Gavron warning told her it ends when she get remarried, but a court order never made any difference to her in the past, and the courts will only prosecute me if I dont pay her. They wont check up on her nor penalize her for not coming clean on things. My attorney said to get the P.I. but after talking to him, I dont see that being any help. What can I do?

#771170 - 12/10/15 07:16 PM Re: Paying Alimony,How do I find out if she remarried [Re: rodtod11]
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Living with a boyfriend DOES make a difference to spousal support in California. There's a presumption that her need for support is reduced, and it's my understanding that support is typically cut in half. You should file for a modification of the support order, and as I understand it modifications can only be retroactive until the date of filing so you should file as soon as possible. You will probably need some kind of proof that they're living together but if you go to court you can probably get discovery of DMV address, utility bills, etc..

Marriage licenses are generally public records, you can probably get them from the courthouse if you know what county they were married in or find some kind of public records search on the internet. I wouldn't think you'd need to spend thousands on a PI just for that. Once you prove they're married you should be able to get a modification terminating support and jurisdiction.

#771171 - 12/11/15 01:24 AM Re: Paying Alimony,How do I find out if she remarried [Re: TJMH]
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One problem with getting proof she is living with her boyfriend is she maintains an address with a friend where she had rented a room after she lost the previous house she was renting due to it being sold. I'll check into some of the records search web pages . Any suggestions on which is best?


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