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#771205 - 12/26/15 03:41 AM Save my marriage she created on me
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Ok here goes. My wife C and I have been married for 6 years. I and 58 and she is 43. We both have 2 kids from previous marriages. All was great until several months ago when I noticed a change in her behavior. She started seeing a therapist on her own and I thought it had to do with her recent bout with cancer. She is 5 years since treatment. I noticed her depression but suspected I was becoming her problem also. Her kids moved on to college recently and she said that she now wanted to go have fun with all her friends. Her attention was on her kids and now she was free of that. So....out she went. Flying all over and going out every other night. I sometimes questioned why I was not be included. She shot back that I didn't understand and became more and more distant. I denied this was happening and even sometimes shut down when she tried to talk to me. I tried to be more attentive but, she was growing more impatient. Then the bomb hit. I found out she was having an affair with A. C was pretending to be happy and living a double life. I now think that she is emotionally invested in A and won't stop seeing him. We are starting MC therapy soon but, I don't know if I can forgive her. Any advice appreciated. First time here.

#771206 - 12/26/15 11:45 PM Re: Save my marriage she created on me [Re: Dwight]
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She cheated and refuses to stop seeing the other guy. She's done with the marriage.

Your marriage is over. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can start the healing process. I suggest that you do go to therapy to help you deal with the grieving process.


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