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#771222 - 01/04/16 02:29 AM Guilty feeling
Leidseplein Offline

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How come do i feel guilty of my marriage ending while she is the one that cheated on me. It is the same story as i have read on these forums..never in a million years did i think she was going to do this to me..she made me feel so small when she started naming all the things that were wrong with me and how it drove her into the arms off another man...a former friend of mine..I feel like i should have tried much harder to show how much i loved her but its too late now..he tells her what she wants to hear...i feel so empty and lost without her and not seeing my daughter everyday like it should have been. My dreams are crushed and my life is upside down. The thought of them together makes me sick (he moved in already). I have some friends but they get tired of listening to my problems i am sure..what a life..

#773153 - 03/29/17 12:14 AM Re: Guilty feeling [Re: Leidseplein]
FrancoStacy Offline

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I felt the same way.
My wife at least on the outide seemed proud that she walked out on me and our 4 kids among other things. It was worth because she found happiness.
But me....I felt ashamed. I felt like a leper.
I have friends too that I drove away because I wanted to talk about my feelings of loneliness and betrayal every day. I wanted to release it, I found out I was really alone. People ask you how you are doing...they do that for themselves because they want to smile and say good and you ask them the same thing. They really dont want you to unload on them.
My wife left and we use to have sex four 4 years after she left. She even had boyfriends, but she kept coming back to me. Then she met a guy 24 years younger than me, she told me she enjoyed sex now more than ever. Our sex life was great and so good she would sneak around on her boyfriends to have sex with me, even though I was her husband, how messed up was that? I am right there with you


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