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#771298 - 01/13/16 03:34 AM Divorce- few financial questions
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First time poster, never thought it would be here though.

I'll make it as quick and easy to follow as I possibly can.

-Married 5 years.
-I quit my job of dozen+ years to follow her to Europe.
-She had no job/income.
-While in Europe I not have income for the past 4 years, neither did she.
-Moving expenses were paid by me.
-Shipped my car there, after a while which I sold at a significant loss which I otherwise would not have sold in the states.
-During this time, I was supporting her financially.
-We were both students at this time: I was using both private and federal loans, her school was paid for by her family.
-No property and no assets, no kids.
-I took out some money from 401k at one point for emergency cash funds to support ourselves for a while.

I have spent a significant amount of money, some money mine and some money I borrowed (let's just say it was borrowed), on her expenses during this time. This includes paying off her credit card debt, airline tickets, school books, food, travel, etc. She didn't spend a penny as she had no income, ever. While we were together, we were going to pay back the money we 'borrowed' and replace the money into my 401k. Now she does not acknowledge me paying off her credit cards and everything else.

[b]She is claiming that we have no marital debt.[/b]

Without dragging this out and becoming an expensive and ugly divorce, is there anything I can do to recover this money in the future once she starts working? (she will be graduating from medical school this June). She has a high future potential for earnings.


#771299 - 01/14/16 07:32 PM Re: Divorce- few financial questions [Re: scar]
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The only thing that might be marital debt are non-student loans, if you have any. All things you paid for will be considered voluntary, as in a gift. It really sounds like a quick, inexpensive divorce is your best option, unless you are saying you borrowed a hundred thousand or 2, then with her high income potential, it would be worth an attorney consult.


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