Why obligors are so happy to be free

Child support obligors dream of being set free. They are so happy when they are finally free.

The family court system is unlike any other. Unlike criminal court where the defendant has a myriad of constitutional rights including a right to a Jury trial, an attorney provided by the state. 5th amendment right to remain silent. To ask for an attorney.

If you are a man required to pay child support, you have no rights. They child support agency just sends you a letter with demands. They demand all your private financial documents, pay stubs, tax returns, information on your home and investments. If you move or change jobs you have no privacy. You are required to tell them where you are moving and who your new employer is.

You’re treated like a criminal on probation. Even though you have committed no crime. The people working at the child support office are unbelievably rude, and they do act like you are a criminal. Essentially, you are not allowed to object or negotiate. They just tell you what you have to do and what you have to pay, like they’re your boss or have dictatorial power over you. They can threaten you with arrest or punishment. Like a mafia.

So anyway, I was SO glad to finally be done with them. That was over a decade ago I was finally set free. What a nightmare. A man has no rights in this country. You can easily be railroaded by a crazy woman and your whole life destroyed and hounded for years, decades.

But in the end the system fails. I got free from them and I got free from that crazy woman. I hate her. And I wish her nothing but bad luck. She’s going to get older. She will turn into an old hag. And I hope she dies of some horrible disease. And when she’s laying there dying she can think of all people who’s lives she ruined because of her own selfishness and stupidity. Then she can rot in Hell for all eternity.