This might be too specific a question, but the waiting is driving new crazy. I'm filing an uncontested divorce in Texas. The 60 day waiting period will be over early next week. All documents are complete. I was told a few weeks ago all I had to do was to turn in a form to the court coordinator to request a hearing date and wait for the court notice in the mail. At first the court apparently didn't get my form, so I turned it in in person 2 weeks ago. Turned out the court coordinator was out of the office
for a few weeks, and apparently only worked one day last week. According to another office person, she "probably" filed the divorce that day. I'm getting really impatient about finishing the divorce and was hoping to get the hearing done the same week the 60 day period is up.

A long story for a quick question: how far out would the court coordinator typically have scheduled the date? I know I can try calling again Monday, but even that seems like a long time away and I'm really having a hard time reaching her. Do they have a minimum timeframe to assure mail gets delivered etc? Could she have given me a date within a week from the day she processed it?

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