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#771437 - 02/11/16 07:26 AM Role reversal Marriage
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I have been married for almost 18 years. My wife is the majority wage earner and has been for years. We had a verbal agreement that I would be the stay at home parent since she had the education, a great job and had received many promotions at work. The last 10 years she has made over $1M compared to my $100K. She is now trying to kick me out of the marriage, take the children and cut me off of all funds. HELP!!!
I don't know my rights, want custody of my children and don't know where to begin because I can't afford an attorney and she already has one!

#771438 - 02/12/16 01:01 AM Re: Role reversal Marriage [Re: JPSanders]
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It sounds like you're going to need a lawyer, I don't know how you get out of this without one. At the very least have a consultation with one (they'll usually take an initial meeting with you for no charge), tell him the situation and see what he says.

You should be entitled to half of the marital property. The court won't look at it as "she made $1M and you made $100K". They'll consider that the MARRIAGE made $1.1M and you're each entitled to half of the benefits. So you are entitled to half of your home, half of the value of the cars, half of whatever is in any bank accounts, etc., etc.

In addition, due to the disparity in your incomes and your sacrificing your professional life to support hers, you likely have a case for her to pay you spousal support while you obtain any training you need to become self-supporting. Plus child support if you're able to get some share of custody.

So you're not entirely screwed, but if she has an aggressive lawyer and you try to represent yourself you will be.

#771439 - 02/17/16 11:15 AM Re: Role reversal Marriage [Re: JPSanders]
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She's far ahead of you in this battle if she has an attorney and you don't. All of your accounts and assets are owned by both of you. Look in the yellow pages and see at least a couple attorneys. Almost of them provide a free initial appointment to tell you your options.

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