I am divorced 6 years. After I got divorced my ex and I still had sex here and there and I got pregnant. My ex up until today refuse to admit that this is his child. We did the DNA test and it shows that my daughter is his. He is not on the birth certificate because he didn't even come to labor. My daughter now is 2.5 and he calls once in a while to meet with her. It's around 3 times a year. He doesn't pay child support. I am afraid to go through court system to ask for child support, and every time he calls I let him meet his daughter because I don't trust him and I don't want him to go to court and ask for mutual custody. Should I be afraid of court? I am dating a guy over a year and he says that my ex get to be called father for doing nothing, and he meets only to stay in touch with me...which I can see it, but I do it only because I don't want her to go through the court system. What should I do?