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#771477 - 02/19/16 09:34 AM Opinions on relationship after divorce.
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After almost a year of divorce I met my ex husband at a common friend's party last month. I never thought we would become friends again. We started calling each other regularly after that and now we are pretty close with each other. It seems like, he is an all new person now. I am however very impressed with this change and I want to continue this relationship with him. I hope this relationship is healthy and won't turn nasty in any way.

#771478 - 02/20/16 04:04 AM Re: Opinions on relationship after divorce. [Re: FJoann]
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I've been hoping for some replies. Anyways, it's his birthday next week. I've been thinking of sending him flowers online from Flowers Canada, Toronto. Will it give him any kind of wrong impressions? Would like to know.

#771479 - 02/20/16 10:52 AM Re: Opinions on relationship after divorce. [Re: FJoann]
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It depends on what impression you want to give him.

#771480 - 02/22/16 03:55 PM Re: Opinions on relationship after divorce. [Re: MinnesotaMom]
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I think you need to be really careful about this. Even if you're both talking regularly and openly about what your new relationship is and what it isn't, there's a lot of potential for one of you to get out of sync with the other and one or both of you could wind up hurt.

When you decided to divorce, I hope part of that was due consideration of why you got married in the first place. Now, it's time to give due consideration to why you divorced and let that shape the new relationship. I wouldn't count on either of you being an "all new person"

And specifically, unless you have in mind to get back together with him, I think a nice, non-romantic birthday card with a friendly but non-romantic personal note would be more appropriate than flowers.

#771481 - 10/25/16 09:28 AM Re: Opinions on relationship after divorce. [Re: FJoann]
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theres nothing wrong with sending your ex a flower. just go with it

#773154 - 03/29/17 12:19 AM Re: Opinions on relationship after divorce. [Re: FJoann]
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go for it.
There are no guarantees with a new or old love


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