My husband and I have been married over 11 years. We have been living in two different states since May of last year. We decided to separate. I have the children with me. Since our separation, he retired from the military. Just got a job recently. we have property but our belongings are in storage still from the military. As he is staying with friends as he just now got a job this Monday, was staying with his family from his separation date. Has not helped with any bills. I am now a full time student and work between 29-40 hrs a week. Currently I am staying with family to get on my feet. I am trying to figure out what is the best and cheapest way to file for divorce. I live in Polk County. Can I file my own, is there a place I can pay to fill out the forms for me, or do I have to get an attorney. Seems all the ones I called most were a $3000.00 plus retainers fees. I don't have that kind of money laying around, as he really isn't helping at all at the moment and I am barely making it paycheck to paycheck. I am still fairly new to FL and do not know anyone here as I do back home. Back home in Michigan I have all kinds of family members that are lawyers. Wishing I would have went home now...UGH Was hoping to be able to work things out with husband, but as more time goes on, he does not seem to want to work on things. Thanks in advance.