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#771554 - 03/07/16 01:52 AM Financial disclosure in New York State divorce
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Hello all. Glad to have found these forums.

My question: my wife and I are considering a divorce in New York State. The divorce would be completely amicable and uncontested, and ALL financial and property matters have been agreed to between the two of us. As part of our agreement, I will pay her a sum for her share of the marital home as well as other considerations that we have spelled out in the agreement. We do not wish to disclose our finances to each other or to anyone else and will sign waivers to that effect. However, a new law in NY requires us to disclose our incomes to the court. The problem is that my wife currently only works part time and therefore her income is significantly less than mine.

Will the court allow this uncontested agreement to stand or is it possible they will reject it based on her low income? There are no children and my wife does have sufficient financial resources. I have heard that this is highly unlikely but want to be armed with as much knowledge as possible. Also, if the court for some reason were to reject our agreement, would the judge impose conditions or would it simply be sent back to us to "try again"? We would like to do this as "DIY" as possible. Thanks in advance.

#771555 - 10/07/16 04:52 AM Re: Financial disclosure in New York State divorce [Re: Butasan]
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