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#771584 - 03/22/16 10:50 PM Responsible for Debt (CC's not in my name)
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While my husband and I were together, he was incurring debt that I knew nothing about (i.e. using credit cards that did not have my name on them). We are "separated"; however, Texas doesn't recognize legal separation. We do not have ANY credit cards in our name and only 1 "joint" car loan. I am worried that I will be held responsible for his debt - is this true? If so, is there anything I can do to avoid this? We plan on filing uncontested - we are currently waiting due to domicile waiting periods here in Texas (the requirement is 6 months domicile). I am REALLY hoping that I am not going to be held responsible for his debt when the divorce becomes final. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

#771585 - 03/31/16 10:33 PM Re: Responsible for Debt (CC's not in my name) [Re: rachel89]
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Texas is a community property state. During the divorce process, the ASSETS and the DEBT of the marriage will be split equally.
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#771586 - 04/01/16 08:37 AM Re: Responsible for Debt (CC's not in my name) [Re: rachel89]
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You will be responsible for 1/2 the community debt, which includes credit cards.


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