First can I get some suggestions on some decent custody attorneys. Client is an Army vet who had full/sole custody of his son for 2 years and as of the last 6 months or year the boy's mom has commited purgery and forged documents to regain custody. Also how do you get DHS to futrther investigate or re-open a possible molestation case? They wrote the first case off as custody complaints due to the mom making blatent fraud claims and purgery. He has documentation for some of the fraudulent claims but because he was trying had let go of his orginal lawyer and was representing himself the judge wouldn't look at his proof. He is one of those guys who is fighting with every last breathe for his son to be safe and have a decent life. He is in a catch 22 he knows its not the best where his son is at and is trying hard to get him to safety but he is being sterotyped and blocked at every attempt for going the legal route. He wants to get his son home but he also wants his "i's" dotted and "t's" crossed so his son is not being bounced around like a ping pong ball. He also has been given 0 opportunity to see his son during the custody case. Any help or advice is welcomed just want what is best for the child.