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#771689 - 04/17/16 11:20 PM Out of State alimony judgement
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My husband and i lived in SC for 17 years. He still lives there in our 300,000 home and everything in it.
I have no family there so when things fell apart over a year ago i had to come to Louisiana. He makes very good money and has never helped me with a penny. Took me off all verdit cards and acc before i even made it here.
I now have a judgement from the courts here for him to pay me 800.00 a month to begin is 9/15.
He has not and refuses to pay.
HOW do i get this judgement enforced in SC?
He is $5,000 in arrears now.
we have no minor kids left.
we were married 26 years.
I was a stay at home mom of 4 kids,as per we agreed, for the entire 26 years
I have come out of this marriage without even a CAR to get a job and have been walking to an $8.00 an hour job for over a year and can no longer take it!!

#771690 - 04/18/16 10:10 PM Re: Out of State alimony judgement [Re: Nona]
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There are a couple of ways to force payment, but I don't think any of them are easy if he's resistant.

You can go back to court and have him charged with contempt of court for failing to observe the support order.

You can sue him for the arrears. Since you've got a court order already you'll probably win, and can probably have all the court costs and legal fees assigned to him.

You may also be able to have the judge order that his wages be garnished.


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