I filed for a divorce over 2 years ago and my husband still has not signed papers to finalize divorce. He is now having an affair and documenting the relationship with numerous pornographic photos. I do not even know if the original divorce petition is still valid after all this time...and that is only the first of a million questions for which I have no answers. If there is anyone out there that can help me, I am desperately seeking assistance.

And just a small side note...judge ordered husband to pay several thousand dollars a month alimony and he never paid this. The man to whom I am still married is a criminal defense attorney (aka professional, habitual offender of telling lies). He has hidden property, accounts and assets worth several million dollars and I do not even have a dollar to pay another attorney to get my divorce finalized, much less get to the bottom of all that he has hidden. I would be forever grateful for any help provided by anyone at this point