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#771728 - 04/29/16 12:25 PM Post Divorce Childcare
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Hopefully someone can make sense of this for me because I am lost and don't know if I have a leg to stand on.

My mother has been the day time childcare for my three year old since her of charge. Post divorce my ex wife is custodial with myself having my kiddo every other weekend. We are both listed as "Joint Legal and Joint Physical" on the court documents, and I do pay support.

My mother still watches my child, free of charge, three days a week at my Ex's house, my kiddo then goes to "school" which is a glorified daycare. Which I have agreed to pay the two days on weeks I get paid, on top of the court ordered support.

My question is this. My Ex is now putting my kiddo full time into "school", 5 days a week...which I did not agree on. She states she will take me to court if I don't pay half. According to the divorce papers, no where does it mention the split of cost for child care or "school". Am I obligated to pay this or does the burden lie on her since she is custodial and I am not in agreement?

#771729 - 04/29/16 02:08 PM Re: Post Divorce Childcare [Re: dethwsh34]
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I believe you're only obligated to pay what the court order says you're obligated to pay. If your ex is asking for something more/different, she'd have to convince the court to modify the order.


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