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#771730 - 04/29/16 02:18 PM Alienation and where do I go?
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I'm in a situation with joint custody involving my 13 (nearly 14 year old daughter). She is claiming to want to live with
her mom under the pretense that she feels threatened while in my care. I've reached out to her and her mom to have us
go to counseling or mediation (Daughter and myself) with no movement. Only movement I get is mom pushing me further away while stating she is not getting involved. The mom has created an environment which my daughter finds refuge and avoids contact with me. The mom says it's up to me to connect with my daughter, but I find it difficult with the mom's actions hiding her while saying such things.

I am concerned for my daughter and want to resolve the issue at hand which as my daughter says, she is afraid for her safety.

How do I get professional help regarding this? Do I need to get the mom and I into (divorced parent) mediation to move this in a direction other than avoidance, I presume my ex will pursue changing custody.

Very concerned Father <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

#771731 - 05/23/16 07:26 PM Re: Alienation and where do I go? [Re: SidCharming]
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Anyone know how the process in MN works for Self-referred mediation? I submitted a request on the 12th of this month (May). I immediately sent email to my ex, because it's best method to communicate with her, with no response. My ex is hindering my communication and seeing of my 14 yr old daughter. The daughter is saying that she has authority/power to decide and is expressing an attitude that is unlike her. Which I am led to understand her mom is giving that power and then sitting back avoiding. Thinking I may need to bring to court or follow the directives I found in MN statutes 609.26 Depriving another custodial or parental rights. B/C I have 50/50 rights with my kids and custody.

Thoughts? or directives welcomed.


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