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#771740 - 04/30/16 04:01 PM Backed taxes keeping me from leaving-PLEASE HELP!
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Sorry, this is long. For our 10 year marriage my husband has handled the finances and taxes. Well, he has dug us jnto a hole in both and of course my name is on ALL of the debt since his credit was shot. Luckily I have been able to figure out how to take care of the debt and feel that financially, I can divorce and still be able to take care of that. However, I found out a few months ago that my husband has not been paying our taxes. Supposedly, he has filled out the paperwork and sent it in, but it's about 20,000 that we owe!!!! He is totally irresponsible, so I don't feel comfortable leaving with that because I know it will be me paying it and I literally cannot afford it. I will be pinching pennies as it is. There will be no extra in my budget. I'm afraid I won't be eligible for innocent spouse based on what I've read (i.e. I had access to bank accounts, I just didn't look at them; he didn't lie on the tax forms, just didn't pay them). Is there anything I can do??? He has violent tendencies and he lies so much. I'm already going to be really screwed over in this and feel I need to get out ASAP to keep it from getting worse. Please tell me there are options I'm unaware of or maybe innocent spouse is more than the rigid guidelines I've read!!!

#771741 - 05/05/16 04:02 AM Re: Backed taxes keeping me from leaving-PLEASE HELP! [Re: Mlm085000]
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Leave and worry about the $20K later. Why would you stay with a violent person?

#771742 - 05/05/16 02:40 PM Re: Backed taxes keeping me from leaving-PLEASE HELP! [Re: MinnesotaMom]
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Just because the debt is in your name doesn't mean you'll be responsible for all of it. If it's marital debt your husband will probably be responsible for half.

As for the back taxes you're probably just as screwed (or not screwed, depending on how the innocent spouse thing works out) whether you're married or divorced, so probably shouldn't let that influence your decision.


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