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#771798 - 05/12/16 03:54 PM Unreimbursed Medical Expenses Split
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Is unreimbursed medical expenses always split 50/50 in Texas? We were married for 24 years with 4 children (divorced for 2 yrs). 2 of our children are in college and 2 are at home. I am the custodial parent. My ex husband has a gross salary of $107,000. I was a stay at home mom (with no college degree) during our marriage. I started back to school right after our divorce. I just earned my associates this week and transferring to a University to earn my Bachelors. He pays me child support of $1500 (for the 2 kids at home) and $1500 in spousal support (for 2 more years for me to finish school). Child support and spousal support ($3000) is my only source of income while I'm in school full time. We mediated our divorce and it says we split uninsured medical expenses 50/50. I signed it because I thought it was a law and there were no exceptions. I've since read that it's not always 50/50 and is sometimes based on the percentage of total income between the two of you. He refuses to make this change in our decree so I am wondering if I have any basis for taking it to court to have it changed.

#771799 - 06/03/16 03:37 AM Re: Unreimbursed Medical Expenses Split [Re: LShed]
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So lets see, you are getting $3K a MONTH from the guy, you AGREED to pay half of the uncovered medicals costs, now you want him to VOLUNTARILY pay MORE of the expenses...because you changed your mind and think he should?

Yeah, good luck with that, ROTFLMAO!
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#771800 - 06/05/16 04:51 PM Re: Unreimbursed Medical Expenses Split [Re: LShed]
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Sure, you can ask for more. I would expect you would fail and you will be responsible for both yours and his attorney bills.


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