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#771803 - 05/16/16 02:20 PM Help!!! :(
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I have an important question.
About 2 weeks ago I started my DIY Uncontested Divorce with no Children.

I already turned in my Petition, also the Waiver.
Now im very very scared because on the texaslawhelp website they say something about the information on Suit Affecting the Family Relationship but I didnt do this form :(
Do I need this form for an Uncontested divorce with no Children?
If I do, will they still take my case or do I need to redo everything and pay the fees again? Or can I just fill it out and turn it in?
I'm freaking out right now because im scared the judge wont take my case because I forgot this form :'(
Is that bad?

I beg you guys for help!
Thank you very much in advance

#771804 - 05/16/16 08:59 PM Re: Help!!! :( [Re: Kambot]
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If you do need that form, you can probably just fill it out and file it. I don't believe it would affect the rest of your case, and certainly shouldn't invalidate what you've already filed.

You might want to check with your county courthouse and see if they offer any kind of self-help that could advise you and review your stuff.


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