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#771869 - 05/27/16 08:10 PM Hi, I'm new
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Hello, I came to this site to discuss divorce and relationships. Personally, I have never been divorced, nor have I been married. But I was rejected by the man whom I wanted to marry, my college sweetheart, and he ended up marrying someone else. I hate rejection. My parents, on the other hand, fought visciously almost their entire marriage. When I was 15, I can honestly say they should have gotten a divorce, but they didn't. I became a big drinker, and I would show up to school almost drunk. My opinion is that sometimes it's meant to happen, and at other times, it shouldn't have happened that way. I hope it's okay I joined your forum. I am just highly interested in marriage, separation, and divorce.

#771870 - 06/27/16 05:30 PM Re: Hi, I'm new [Re: HappyGirlfriend]
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#771871 - 10/17/16 05:19 AM Re: Hi, I'm new [Re: MinnesotaMom]
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Hello, i just want to say that alchohal and drugs makes you less sensitive, not only your senses but you mentality of living your life, I would advice you to leave every type of chemical, join a gym, get a peaceful job, eat healthy and live to the fullest, you will enjoy your life...

#773168 - 04/01/17 10:58 PM Re: Hi, I'm new [Re: HappyGirlfriend]
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First off I am sorry you didnt have a happy home life. I had the opposite. My parents were great and gave me an my siblings a wonderful life and I saw between my mom and dad true love and what a family really is. They have passed away and i often wish I could go was truly my Garden of Eden.
Sorry you didn't have that, but perhaps you could look toward your parents perseverance and learn from that too. Sometime you love someone even if you don't like them all the time, twisted as that may sound. You have inherited that perseverence and can use that to rise above the pain you have and loss you suffered from you college love. BUt most of all to escape the bottle!!!!

My love life is similar but even worse than yours. Perseverance is valuable asset for me. If i didn't have it, I would have withered away myself. I get my feet out of bed for others, not myself.

I too lost my college love of 5 years. It was her decision and not mine. It took me a long time to get over that, but I found love and married. Had a great marriage and married for for 22 years, but my wife walked out and left me and the kids. My life and kid's life will never be the same...but yet we persevere.

The bottle is a trick....its seems like a friend at times, but its not.


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