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#771881 - 05/30/16 09:28 PM NJ Alimony - Agreed Upon with Spouse
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Hi All - Just trying to figure out what to expect. My wife and I have decided to file for divorce. We get along fine (no fault) and at least for the short term are still living together. No minor children, married 20 years (almost to the day). She has not worked in 10 years via her own decision (went to break on day and never went back - I was not supportive of that). We decided together to use an online service for divorce and are at the point of figuring out alimony. I would be taking all $250k worth of debt so there would not be much left over. We are figuring out the leftover amount now. She really does not want much money or for a long period of time.

If we come up with the alimony on our own and both parties agree (and we will), is that good enough in the state of NJ or does a judge have to determine alimony?

#771882 - 05/31/16 11:08 PM Re: NJ Alimony - Agreed Upon with Spouse [Re: Jeffra]
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Judges will look things over to make sure they are somewhat fair, but from what you posted you are probably ok. It really depends on your exact income, the amount of debt and what the specifics of your alimony are. For example, if you make $300K a year, are taking over $250K in debt and are going to pay $1000/month for 5 years, that won't fly.


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