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#772017 - 06/15/16 05:36 PM Verbally and emotionally abused
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I have been married to the same man for over 10 years and finally woke up to see what he was actually doing to me.. I have been called every name in the book, treated like crap and had ptsd from some of the things he has done.. I got counseling for myself and now I'm on the mend! We are now going through a terrible divorce with 4 small children.. He lives in a different state than I do and demands I take the kids to see him. I haven't done that though since no paperwork has been filed.. He is harassing me and his gf and friends are harassing me.. I don't know exactly what to do. I don't want my kids to go but I know legally we both have rights to them. If anyone has gone through the same thing maybe you could give me some in site as to what to do from now on or whatever.. Thank you for reading!

#772018 - 06/16/16 12:29 AM Re: Verbally and emotionally abused [Re: Deidre]
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You don't have to do anything until there is a court order. However, just know he could come tomorrow and take them with him and there's nothing you could do to stop him. It's important to get an attorney and get something legally in place.

#772019 - 10/04/16 03:38 PM Re: Verbally and emotionally abused [Re: MinnesotaMom]
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Until you do your court work, i think it will be best for you to take care of your children.

#772020 - 10/05/16 12:48 PM Re: Verbally and emotionally abused [Re: Samarth]
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What MinnesotaMom said is absolutely correct. You need to consult with an attorney asap and get something in writing. Right now you have no way of preventing him from just appearing and taking the children. If he was the one who moved away from the home, then he will be responsible for facilitating visitation and transporting the children to him. If your were the one who moved away from the home, then it will be your responsibility to get the children to him for his visitation.

#772808 - 12/10/16 06:09 PM Re: Verbally and emotionally abused [Re: Deidre]
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I big part of it is WHO caused the distance. If YOU moved to the other state, YES, you need to take them to see him, because you caused the distance.

If HE moved, then NO< of course you would not be expected to take them to him.

Caveat on this, if YOU were the one that moved, and YOU are the one refusing him time, you could VERY easily be painted as alienating him, and you could end up the non custodial parent.
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