I am 11 years older than my husband. A few years ago when my ex was about to be homeless i asked my husband if he could move in. They had an ok relationship and my ex and i do have kids together. Husband said sure, at least until he could get his disability going. We tried but ex got denied. No job, no doctor, no records, no SSDI. 4 weeks ago I told husband that ex will get a call on july 12 about SSI because he hasn't been able to work due to his back so no work history 5 of the last 10 years. Then husband moved out. He has asked me to move out 4 times since we got married, 17 and a half years ago. Always comes up when he gets involved with women on the computer. He has done it again, several months ago, got into online game and all conversation with me stopped. Actually the only thing he could ever say to me since the beginning is "HEY SWEETIE" over and over and over until I would reply "HEY BABY". That has been the extent of our conversations for many years. I found out today that he filed divorce papers this week saying that I have made conditions intolerable. Yeah right! He is seeking sole possession of the house as well as sole possession of the only car we have. Keep in mind he drives a company car every single day, brings it home with him all week and through the weekend. So basically he wants the house and the car and I can go live on the street with no way to get to my doctors or physical therapy. Also keep in mind that he hasn't paid any of my medical bills and heaven help him if I asked for money for my prescriptions. I am disabled, have been since our wreck 16 years ago. I have come to realize the only reason he asked me to marry him in the first place was because I had a job, worked the same place as him, and that would be two incomes coming in so he wouldn't have to work so hard. After we got together he started missing work 2 or 3 days a month. Can he keep the car and leave me with nothing?
There is much more but this is long enough already. He started losing his erection 5 months into our marriage and would ask me " Is it my fault" I mean, what are you going to say to a man who has a problem. Sure honey it is all your fault. But I couldn't be mean like that. I will give more detail if needed. I seriously need some help here. Even my grown kids have been upset with him for many years for the way he treats me. Mental and emotional cruelty and withholding of affection. I couldn't even get him to put his arms around me and give me a hug let alone a kiss. I mean this has been going on for years but he didn't have any problem with taking care of himself after he would "put me to bed" shortly after our marriage. I was in menopause and yes I was tired, exhausted but every Friday he would say to me, aren't you getting sleepy, you worked hard today you should be tired. you can go to bed, it's alright. Then one night i decided to look out the bedroom door to see what was really going on and there he was sitting on the living room couch jacking off while watching soft [censored] on tv. How do you think that made me feel. This was before, long before he said the ex could move in with us. He only let him because the ex was buying the groceries and that meant that he didn't have to. I am dead serious. When the ex lost his food stamps then it became a problem for husband. Ok sorry, enough. I just a wreck is all. I don't want the marriage or sham of a marriage to continue, I want out, but I am not leaving this house with nothing. He can have the house, but I at least want the car. He has something he can drive and I don't. He can't use the excuse that it is a company vehicle because he didn't mind leaving me stranded all day for over two years with a broke car in the driveway and didn't mind driving his company vehicle to go to wal mart and the store and stuff like that. now it is a problem? I don't think so. His mom gave us both that car and because his mommy gave it he wants it all to himself. he can have the house and most of the furniture. I just want a few things and the car. is that asking too much. is this even possible?