I am not a very good writer and there is just so much that has happened i will try to summarize the best i can. met my wife here in Virginia she lived with her mom few homes down. I owned my home, her mom rented hers. We got married in 2002 and had a son. I wanted my son to have a big yard to play in, And i needed a garage to operate my sole proprietor business. I found a bigger house and talked with her and her mom about buying it. I Would sell my home to buy it And we would share equally in the home. The house was old and needed some work to make it safe and up to date I put 40k down on the house and approx. 135k in repairs/improvements. Her moms credit was better and with my business being sole proprietor, safer until i can incorporate to put her mom on the deed only, And I was assured we would all be put on the deed later. All is ok for awhile until her family visits and never leaves. I paid all the bills and could not afford to support everyone. "Note- we had an agreement they would not do this before buying the house". Since i could not support everyone they found a way to get rid of me by causing trouble. One night coming home from dancing my wife was screaming and yelling acting crazy trying grab steering wheel "we were on the highway", I threw my arm up to push her back and my hand hit her face. We get home 15 minutes later police arrest me assault on family member, and she later does press charges. restraining order etc. My business and shop/office was located in the garage So my business Gone/ destroyed, 80k year working 20 hours a week. I am at this point homeless living in my car and van and sometimes on couch at friends. During next 3 years My car and storage room Repo. Had to sell my van to pay Lawyers. While I was out of the house they refinance and took all the equity out of the house 133k. I Sued her mom and won. The judge said we need to get your money back somehow. he put a Lien on the house but the only problem was all the value gone and he put my wife's name on the lien too. I Know i have been scammed somehow, so i start researching and reading about immigration fraud etc. I come across where someone mentions NSO - national statistics office. I decide to do my own background check. After couple weeks I get the response from NSO stating that On December 27 2000 My wife Married a Guy the same day she left the Philippines to come to USA. I take these to the Police and they refer me to Ice, I call ICE which they tell me to call CIS. This goes on for a long time Back and forth passing the buck. I take my papers up to One of the ICE locations. Just a security officer at a podium Telling me there is really no way to contact or talk to any Agent. So I return to Police again, Still nothing they can do etc etc. I start Writing letters To All the DHS Affiliated agencies etc. Certified return Receipt. Out of half dozen letters, I got one Back marked received that is it. Never Another Response from any. So I return to another Police department different than the previous. Same thing nothing we can do, "You need to call ICE etc etc". I Thought about taking my life but could not because My son means more to me than anything in this world and i could not leave him alone forever with those people. Little time goes by and My son crying for me got to them eventually and they wanted me to come back home. Having Nothing else left to lose I went back and they treated me ok and said they were sorry etc etc. They had almost destroyed the house when i got back. My Business destroyed, no source of Income, Economy very bad. We Made an agreement that i would Take care of our son and the house While she worked. I am now a true Homemaker, Fixing Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner for my son, Taking him to school, picking him up from school, Soccer Practice and games, Basketball, Tennis, etc. All the Perfect great Things I ever wanted. Since Her and her mom worked they were never home. After Work My wife would go out with guys and friends etc and often not come home for days sometimes a week. Only Grandma home late at night and renters that rent the basement. About 5 - 6 years like this and It is Ok for i no longer cared what his mom did since she was going to do it anyway regardless what anyone said, Anyway if I complained they would just cause trouble and find a way to get rid of me again. Without any kind of law Enforcement to protect me. When she is around she often calls my son names, “You Are Dumb”, You Are Fat” etc. She is Quite a Bully at times. My son Doesn’t like it when she is home. As long as I am the one taking care of my son all is good Even though I have to fix all the things they break and clean up after everyone else in the house. Full time Job but is ok. Recently She gave me divorce papers this past Christmas, Non Contested since no marriage property other than house Not in her name anyway, She bought me a Small van to someday restart my business and to be able to take our son to school/places etc. I asked her about the van and she said she bought it for me it was mine. Next day My son and I hear an alarm going off. "my Wife broke her phone previous day and got new one". was her old phones alarm she left in house. I swiped the screen to turn the alarm off and see text messages on the screen to her lawyer about Evicting me and not giving me the van after Divorce is Final. Almost 6 Years of taking care of our son by myself While she is out with guys and rarely around and she is going to evict me from the home they stole from me in the first place. No Home, No Transportation, No money, No anything. All my Family Deceased, All my friends moved away from here. Found some pictures her and her boyfriend took on her phone "Sexual pictures included". Pictures of him, his business card and lots of Info As to where he works. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY! Senior Security Specialist, Office of security and Integrity. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. I sent an Email to him to see if he knows about her, and he does. Their beach trip for next week is still on. And he emailed me back and wrote “DO NOT EVER EMAIL ME AGAIN”. He knows.
When i am once again Evicted and our broken Corrupt system Is the reason this has happened. DHS did not do a background check on my wife and allowed me to marry someone already married to someone else in the Philippines. I Suppose Their Agents like immigrant women so much that they let a few slide through without background checks. My Mind might be slightly messed up a bit now and not great for 13 years anyway considering. My story is ongoing.
thanks for listening.

FYI - Dozens of lawyers and after Consultation fees, they do not feel they are Qualified for my situation. I stopped even talking to lawyers.I have spent over 30k to lawyers in my situation. In Virginia there is no Provision to recover Financial losses Whatsoever in this type of situation. Law Enforcement does not exist.I am no longer able to tell the good guys from the bad. I wrote a letter to Janet N years back Stating how easy it was to lose my life to scammers from afar because our system is not doing their job. 25 dollars is what it cost me to find the truth, Lost my life dreams for 25 dollars. The system supposedly protecting us makes way more than that. Shame! My Son deserves better than that, We all do. Now I know how many things work in our new system of manipulation and trickery. Only 2 ways i can be evicted. Grandma has to do the process since she is only one on deed, Or Wife but not Wife has Get Restraining order from some kind of abuse. "They Did it before". So I Stay away from them and live in the garage. One benefit now My son is 12 and no longer ignorant bystander to his moms/granny tricks. I have a Team mate now and he Is a very good honest kid. He Knows how he has been treated by them and me. He chooses me because His soul is good and he can now voice his concern and he sees how things really are. They can no longer use him as a tool. Now that he is older he knows and Has very little respect for his own mom and grandma.

When they forced me out years ago he was young, We played an online game together and that is how we stayed in contact. He learned to type and communicate with me through an online game. His words, "hi dad". Miss you Dad". Just a little guy. I tear up because An online game made it possible for us to communicate when the scammers got rid of me the first time Using our own laws and system against me. Now my 12 almost 13 year old son is the protector and watches everything to make sure they will never pull a trick again of me abusing his mom, that is false. She abused me though I never called police because I guess guys just don't do that. Acrylic finger nails she ripped down my face, I have pictures. Statute of Limitations time over. This is my War, Not only the battle against the bad but the battle against those supposed to be good as well.

Will continue to update each day as long as I am able. I sold Everything back then to survive except my laptop which i needed in order to talk to my son while away. Coffee shops free wifi. Had a car friend let me borrow for awhile. Other times I walk or Hitch a ride to coffee shop. I didn't need food I just needed talk to my son. "Hi Dad" Miss you dad" I cannot tell you how much that Sustained my life. Then we do game quest etc together and over time he built up quite a vocabulary. Really sad when our own country is trying to destroy us and cares more about those from afar than its own citizens.

Note: If you want to protect yourself you are going to have to learn the laws where you reside. Go to the courthouse find cases similar to your own. Go to that court room and watch the process anyone can go in and sit to listen. Watch how it operates and do research online too. My experience so far the judges tend to give those that represent self a little lee way. Laws easy to learn! its the forms and correct legal format/Process that is tricky. Many lawyers want to separate issues etc because its more profitable. Follow the law, keep notes, You have the right to speak on your own behalf and make sure you DO! Lawyers are taught to not get personally involved meaning they turn off their human parts when you ask/beg for help. They become dead like because it is their profession to make money to survive as well. Continuance is your best friend if you are confused and not ready. Simply ask the judge for more time since you cannot afford a lawyer or your situation just requires more time. Judges are people too and do understand most times. At minimum it gives you more time to plan, learn, prepare, Lawyers use it all the time. Only the judge is more likely to give it to you than a lawyer. Be yourself and just talk to the judge as another human being. He/she is god like but is still human and most often understands where you are coming from. They see it every day.

Remember you got it easy compared to fighting a country and corruption. Begged DHS for help only to have DHS employee dating your NOT wife. "They need to add the crazy roll eyes emoticon here". He Is Arrogant, Feels he is above the law, Better than us,. So i get into survival mode and share the situation to as many places and people as possible. This country belongs to the people. Not those that Avoid the laws/Rules. Take advantage of their high positions to lessen the rest. Everything i have said is the honest truth. REAL! I live it every single day never knowing what crazy deceit or manipulative act is coming next. Imagine having PTSD not from war or from afar but in your own country. Caused by the very people that are supposed to give you comfort and security.

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