Hi folks.

My wife is Texan and I'm Australian (and currently live in Australia). We've been going through the visa process to get me over there to Texas to start our life together properly, but recently she suggested getting a divorce.

She has no grounds and even freely admits I'm a decent person, so I firmly believe stress is causing her to freak out about things (which has happened with her in the past, just not to this extent). I'd likely be back with her within two months (we've been apart nine) and firmly believe we can work things out.

SO. My question is this: if she refuses and still thinks divorce is the 'best option', can anyone tell me how this might affect me? Would it make things difficult, given that I'm in another country and want to contest it?

I understand Texas law allows a 'no fault' divorce, but surely I still have the right to question it? Or can she just file it and get it 'approved' without my involvement at all?

Cheers for any advice!