Hi everyone- I'm just wondering if anyone here has gone through something similar. It's embrassong beyond words to even type but 4 months ago I let a partner pressure me into marrying- we have been together off and on for ten years and have been coming ton an end. Why the marriage happened is too convoluted to describe, but it did, and it was the worst day of my life and I regretted every moment of it as it happened. I'm full of nothing now but resentment and hatred for my significant other because of this and I hate living this way. I've talked to a lawyer and whole
I could make a (difficult) case for an annulment because I was out of my mind on psychiatric drugs and ( long story short) have been diagnosed with PTSD because of something that happened when I was younger, and when I have triggers i basically revert back to the age I was when that happened (which happened that day.)

Being in New York we have to wait 6 months to file. It will be as amicable as
Possible, and I'll be moving out on my own well before then, but has anyone else had to wait for the six months? It is what it is and nothing will change, but the specter of still legally being married literally makes me constantly sick, and it seems (now) impossible to live this way until almost
The end of the year. Thanks.