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#772330 - 08/19/16 06:59 AM Re: Help regarding Child Support in California [Re: MinnesotaMom]
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I have already used the forensic accountant because of the number of tax returns and companies that are on the returns.

I am using the calculator that is on the California State site.
I am just trying to understand who actually owes the money of it was me or him? Based on my last post.

#772331 - 08/19/16 02:48 PM Re: Help regarding Child Support in California [Re: Teddy27]
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$720 would be the amount paid by Parent 2 to Parent 1.

Generally, if custody is 50/50 then the higher-earning parent owes money to the lower earning parent. But if custody is not 50/50 it's likely that the parent with less custody will pay support to the parent with more custody (but that would still depend to some extent on the difference in incomes--if the custodial parent makes a lot of money and the noncustodial parent makes very little, it's possible that a custodial parent would still have to pay child support to the other).

Agree with MM that if it goes to trial the court will require DissoMaster numbers, but the calculator probably offers a reasonable approximation that might help you to come to a negotiated settlement with your ex.

Note that the Family Law Facilitator at your local court will help you with the form for no cost if you're not represented by an attorney.

#772332 - 08/19/16 05:40 PM Re: Help regarding Child Support in California [Re: Teddy27]
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CA is one of the fairest states when it comes to child support, with the exact number of overnights with the child and income (typically claimed W2 income from tax returns) used with exact proportions. With that said, if you have 50/50, the higher earning parent would be paying the other, although whoever is paying for daycare or medical insurance is also part of the calculation.

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