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#772354 - 08/11/16 07:02 PM Joint Parenting Agreement Being Broken - Help - Il
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I have a 16 year old son and 19 year old daughter. Just divorced in Dec 2015. Have 50/50 custody, but have sone only Wed eves and every other weekend. He is now refusing to come on my parenting time, claiming mental cruelty (nothing can be further from the truth). My Ex has booked a flight out of state for him during my parenting time with out my agreement, #2, had not put me on BCBS Insurance as mother or emergency contact, #3 has not put me on New Dr. as mother or emergency contact, #4 has not informed of Dr. apts so I can attend. My Ex is playing alienation with my son and gives him what he wants whenever he wants. I am at a losing battle and can not afford a lawyer anymore. Thought the JPA was a court order and had to be followed. He is not following. What can I do to protect my rights as a mother?

#772355 - 08/11/16 09:54 PM Re: Joint Parenting Agreement Being Broken - Help - Il [Re: Coffee123]
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Your only choice legally is go to court for contempt of court. However, at age 16, the courts will most likely allow the child to make his own choices and you probably would not be successful. Be the best parent you can. As kids grow to be adults, they usually see things clearly.


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