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#772361 - 08/15/16 06:59 PM Mother Refusing to Return Clothes
lhanson0924 Offline

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My boyfriend, who has been separated from his wife for over a year but divorce papers were just filed this month, and I live together. His three children with said wife are with us 5 out of 7 days a week. I have recently purchased school uniforms for the kids because the wife refused to. However, she is now refusing to return the uniforms when the kids wear them to her house. Due to her work schedule (5 am-1 pm), my bf and I have the kids overnight and he drops them off at school 3 days out of the school week and she picks them up. He does pick up the kids every evening from her but she changes them out of their uniforms while she has them. Do I have any recourse considering I am the one who purchased the clothing?

#772362 - 09/14/16 03:32 PM Re: Mother Refusing to Return Clothes [Re: lhanson0924]
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wow, tough one. the problem is to prove such a thing is difficult and the legal fees worth way over the uniform worth. i think the best thing is to try and reason with her

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#772363 - 09/16/16 11:18 AM Re: Mother Refusing to Return Clothes [Re: shaybib]
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Ridiculous situation to be in. Have this issue in my own family, back and forth about the "clothes", who bought what, bring it back, want it back, etc. etc.

Don't take this wrong, totally understand your point, you purchases the uniforms so that is your right to want them back and not have the X keep them. If she is doing this deliberately then she is mean.

But at the end of the day you know who suffers from the back and forth on clothes? the children. Maybe your kids are not and that would be great. If the kids are caught in the middle of the clothes and who has them it just creates stress for them...divorce is hard enough and at the end of the day it is just clothes.

If the kids need their uniforms for the next day, then just maybe they can put them in their back packs when their Dad picks them up so they have them for the next day. its a tough situation and so stupid to have to deal with.

#772943 - 01/21/17 01:44 AM Re: Mother Refusing to Return Clothes [Re: lhanson0924]
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Sounds like she is making an effort so maybe she is not trying to do this on purpose.
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#773338 - 04/27/17 01:51 PM Re: Mother Refusing to Return Clothes [Re: knoxfamilylaw]
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How is the mother making an effort? She purposely changes the children out of their clothes and keeps their uniforms. Furthermore, she "refuses" to return the uniforms. She is clearly doing it on purpose.


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