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#772401 - 08/19/16 12:38 PM Bad situation
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Last weekend my husband told my that he is doing meth. I was blown away. None of the obvious signs were there, except, him lying about money. I knew that there was something going on, but I really didn't want to believe that drugs would be coming into my life. It totally sucks! Have been pretty much fighting ever since. I know that I can't live with a practicing drug user. I work in healthcare. It just disgusts me. I feel so betrayed! I have been racking my brain all week. I know that I will have to get a second job in order to get bills paid. I waited 11 years between marriages, and this is what I end up with. It is devastating! Has anybody else been through this?

#772402 - 10/07/16 04:25 AM Re: Bad situation [Re: derandy13]
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