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#772405 - 08/22/16 02:05 PM Homeschooling
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Anyone with experience re: homeschooling and divorce?
My children are currently being homeschooled. My daughter (10)has an drive inside of her to learn. She taught herself cursive, never goes anywhere without a book (she is even writing her own fiction stories), only wants to play with science toys. Its working, but I think she could get more; I don't think we can give her enough. My son (8), however, cant read. He can barely do basic math. He has no concept of the order in which days of the week come. I honestly fear he may be dealing with dyslexia (and have thought so for years). I have asked their mother to get help from the district (we pay taxes) but she wants to stay off their radar. He needs more help than we can give him. As we go through the divorce, I fear one of the things their mother will battle me on will be putting the kids in school. Any insight/experience out there?

#772406 - 08/22/16 06:54 PM Re: Homeschooling [Re: ScaredAndAlone]
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Status quo usually rules. If they have been homeschooled for years (as it appears), the courts would tend to continue it. However, there's nothing stopping you from having your son checked out. You don't need your ex's permission. This could make a difference for him with what you school district might have to offer.

#772407 - 08/23/16 11:47 AM Re: Homeschooling [Re: ScaredAndAlone]
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I'm not sure where you live and each state has different divorce laws, but when it comes to the well being of the children, most courts look at what is in the best interest of the child/children. If you can show and prove that there are issues that are not being addressed by the mother, then you should be able to get some backing from the court. You'll have to be able to prove it though, which means you'll likely need to have the child evaluated by a professional who has the appropriate credentials and can support a diagnosis. It could be dyslexia or any multitude of other learning issues. If the Mother is in denial or just trying to be in control of the situation, it will not look good for her with the courts. This is no different than having a child that is clearly sick and not taking it to the Dr.

On another note, just for your own peace of mind.....
I have experience with a child who had learning difficulties and getting her the proper help at an early age was vital to her success in life. She is now 28 years old and a teacher with a masters degree as a dyslexia therapist. There's no doubt in my mind, that if she had not gotten the help she needed at a young age, she would not have been able to be where she is today. When a child doesn't get what they need early enough, they end up just being lost when it comes to structured learning. Help your son now or you'll both be paying the cost for the rest of his life.

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#772408 - 08/30/16 03:30 PM Re: Homeschooling [Re: mskelly]
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Thank you mskelly. I think some sense was finally knocked into her or she is getting (and listening to) good advice. I think she realized or had it pointed out just how it would make her look to a court if she refused to address a concern like this. She finally consented to getting my son evaluated. It sucks that she wouldn't move on it the past few years when I was saying it. But nonetheless, it seems some progress is being made.


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