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#772409 - 08/22/16 02:13 PM Homeschool
ScaredAndAlone Offline


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Anyone with experience re: homeschooling and divorce?
My children are currently being homeschooled. My daughter (10)has an drive inside of her to learn. She taught herself cursive, never goes anywhere without a book (she is even writing her own fiction stories), only wants to play with science toys. Its working, but I think she could get more; I don't think we can give her enough. My son (8), however, cant read. He can barely do basic math. He has no concept of the order in which days of the week come. I honestly fear he may be dealing with dyslexia (and have thought so for years). I have asked their mother to get help from the district (we pay taxes) but she wants to stay off their radar. He needs more help than we can give him. As we go through the divorce, I fear one of the things their mother will battle me on will be putting the kids in school. Any insight/experience out there?

#772410 - 08/25/16 06:50 PM Re: Homeschool [Re: ScaredAndAlone]
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I have never heard of a divorced mom that could still afford the luxury of home schooling. How would she generate the income to take care of herself if she doesn't work?

As long as there is joint custody, your opinion will matter. If your son's issues are brought to light, the court will likely require that he be tested, and then they will likely mandate the style of schooling considering all the information presented. Alternatively, the kids may get assigned a Guardian ad Litem.

Do you have an attorney?

#772411 - 08/25/16 09:23 PM Re: Homeschool [Re: oldsmom]
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That's actually a good point. I don't know how she would plan to support herself using just the child support and maintenance. Neither of us can afford to keep the house.

Yes, I do have an attorney

#774902 - 08/27/18 05:14 AM Re: Homeschool [Re: ScaredAndAlone]
Liona Rezz Offline
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is it good for homeschooling so far away frem the parents ?

#774905 - 08/28/18 08:07 PM Re: Homeschool [Re: ScaredAndAlone]
MinnesotaMom Offline

old hand

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If the kids have been home schooled in the past, status quo usually rules and it continues. The courts may rule your son gets additional help.


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