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#772422 - 08/23/16 09:30 PM Paramour
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Going through a divorce in NYS. My soon-to-be ex is sleeping with a married man. The wife is OK with it. My soon to be ex is bringing my kids over for 'family' dinners. We've not told our two children yet and she is already being physically intimate in front of my children (waiting until we have something concrete to tell them about where they will be/who they will be with). This is also a couple my children know to be married and they are watching my soon to be ex and the husband kiss and hug in front of the wife. This new man is also an alcoholic. A few days ago, he got drunk (he was the only one in the car), drove at unsafe speeds, didn't wear his seat belt, hit a guard rail and then a house (yes, a house), fled the scene, and was later apprehended at home. Is there ANY way a court wouldn't say "absolutely! keep these kids away from this man in particular and this whole scene"?

#772423 - 08/26/16 07:34 PM Re: Paramour [Re: ScaredAndAlone]
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Maybe. It depends on the judge. It also depends on the type of evidence you have.

If it's just the kids telling you things, you would be better off asking for the court to assign a Guardian ad Litem to review the children's situation in both homes.

If you have other evidence, you should definitely submit it. It shows that your ex is making unwise choices.

#772424 - 08/30/16 03:34 PM Re: Paramour [Re: oldsmom]
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I have the accident report (available on the sheriff dept's website). It spells everything out. I also have a recorded conversation between my wife and I where she told me even more about his behaviors (I.e. drinking WHILE driving home from work and hiding cases of beer around the house). She also tells me he is NOT yet in treatment AND still drinking. She somewhat reluctantly consented to keeping the kids away from the paramour... only because I could use it against her. So long as they are safe, I will have to take it as a win.


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